931. The GDP growth rate for the financial year 2018-2019 was recorded as:
A. 1.29%
B. 2.29%
C. 3.29%
D. 4.29%

932. From financial year 2013 to financial year 2018, the GDP-to-Debt ratio of Pakistan was increased from 60.2% to:
A. 61.4%
B. 61.8%
C. 70.2%
D. 70.6%

933. Under PM Youth Program (Now Kamyab Jawan Program) about how many people received financial help between 2013 and 2018?
A. 100,000
B. 110,000
C. 1,000,000
D. 1,100,000

934. The recently launched Youth Loan Scheme is basically a continuation of ____ launched in December 2013.
A. PM Youth Program
B. PM Basic Skills Program
C. PM Skill Development
D. PM Unemployment-Free Program

935. PM Imran Khan launched Youth Business Loan scheme under the name of _____ on 17 October 2019.
A. Naya Pakistan
B. Kamyab Jawan
C. Apna Rozgar
D. Rozgar Pakistan

936. What is Pakistan rank in Miserable Countries Ranking 2018?
A. 28
B. 30
C. 32
D. 34

937. Which countries sign agreement for exemption of visa requirement for diplomatic and official passport holders on 30th October 2019?
A. Pakistan and China
B. Pakistan and Birtain
C. Pakistan and Cuba
D. Pakistan and India

938. Pakistan’s First Female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning is:
A. Kiran Khan
B. Aqsa Kausar
C. Rabia Shehzad
D. None of these

939. Which female Cricketer received the 2019 Asia Game Changer Award by Asia Society in New York?
A. Sana Mir
B. Hajra Khan
C. Zulfiya Nazir
D. Bismah Maroof

940. Which country committed to built oil refinery at Gwadar in 2019?
A. United States
B. Russia
C. Qatar

D. Saudi Arabia