1071.Pakistan Super League PSL 2022 Season 7 Won by_________ ?

A. Lahore Qalandars *
B. Karachi kings
C. Quetta gladiators
D. Multan Sultan

1072. Who becomes first Hindu LT Colonel in Pakistan Army?

A. Sam Manekshaw
B. Kailash Kumar *
C. Vikram Batra
D. None of these

1073.Punjab cabinet approved ________% job quota for three division of South Punjab?

A. 15.8%
B. 28.8% *
C. 38.8%
D. None of these

1075.Who is the Current IG of Balochistan Police 2022?

A. Moazzam Jah Ansari
B. Muhammad Tahir Rai
C. Mohsin Hassan Butt *
D. None of these

1076.The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has directed banks to employ at least ________ percent of women in the workforce by 2023?

A. 20 percent *
B. 30 percent
C. 40 percent
D. None of these

1077.The government approved _________ billion for PM’s relief package?

A. Rs103 billion
B. Rs303 billion *
C. Rs400 billion
D. None of these

1078.Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet approved __________ subsidy for 19 kitchen items for Ramazan Relief Package?

A. Rs4.28bn
B. Rs5.28bn
C. Rs8.28bn *
D. None of these

1079.Pakistan’s first home Test against Australia in 24 years ended in _________?

A. Won by Australia
B. Won by Pakistan
C. tame draw *
D. None of these

1080.Pakistan launches ______________ Framework on International Women’s Day on 8 March?

A. National Planing Policy Framework
B. National Youth Policy Framework
C. National Gender Policy Framework *
D. None of these