1411. Coal-Based power project is approved at :

A. Khairpur
B. Thatta
C. Karachi
D. Jamshoro *

1412. Contract to operate Gwadar port was given to :

A. United states
B. China *
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Dubai

1413. Iran has contracted to set up oil refinery in :

A. Gwadar *
B. DG Khan
C. DI khan
D. Quetta

1414. Before General elecions 2013, The caretaker prime minister of pakistan was :

A. Mir Hazar Khan *
B. Najam Sethi
C. Fakharudin G Ibrahim
D. Rana Bhagwan Das

1415. Who serves as the acting prime minister in the absence of Prime Minister ?

A. Federal Senior Minister
B. Speaker National Assembly *
C. Chairman Senate
D. Foreign Minister

1416. General Election 2013 were held on :

A. 10th May 2013
B. 11th May 2013 *
C. 12th May 2013
D. 13th May 2013

1417. The pakistan film which won the best film award in the United states was :

A. War
B. Sargam
C. Lamha *
D. None of the above

1418. Nawaz Sharif Sworn in as prime minister of pakistan on :

A. 2nd June 2013
B. 5th June 2013 *
C. 6th June 2013
D. 7th June 2013

1419. President Mamnoon Hussain took oath on :

A. 5th September 2013
B. 6th September 2013
C. 7th September 2013
D. 9th September 2013 *

1420. The newest District of Balochistan is :

A. Sheerani
B. Jhal Magsi
C. Washuk
D. Lehri *