781. Current Deputy Chairman Senate is————?
A. Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman
B. Saleem mandviwalla (Answer)
C. Moulana Abdul Gafoor Haidri
D. Faisal Kareem Kundi

782. Who is the Current Chairman of Senate of Pakistran?
A. Ahsan iqbal
B. Dr.zafar Iqbal
C. Raza Rabbani
D. Sadiq Sanjrani (Answer)

783. Indian surgeon Dr Subash gupta is set to travel this month to perform liver transplants and train doctors in which university of Pakistan?
A. Dow university of health and science karachi (Answer)
B. Lumhs jamshoro
C. Hamdard university karachi
D. Jinnah medical and dental college karachi.

784. Pakistani physician-scientist Dr.faisal H cheema has been awarded what amount to lead research on heart transplantation?
A. $4m (Answer)
B. $5m
C. $6m
D. $7m

785. No pride of performance award will be distributed this year on Pakistan day.It will be —- time in the country’s history that awards are not being conferred?
A. 2nd (Answer)
B. First
C. Third
D. Fourth

786. Saleem mandviwalla is senator from sindh province.He belongs to which political party?
A. PPP (Answer)

787. Who has been elected as deputy chairman senate by securing 54 votes?
A. Saleem Mandviwalla (Answer)
B. Usman khan kakkar
C. Raja zafar-ul-haq
D. Farogh naseem

788. Pakistan has been ranked on which spot in kidney diseases causing 20k deaths annually?
A. 8th (Answer)
B. 9th
C. 10th
D. 11th

789. Which province has banned dancing at school events in Pakistan?
A. Punjab (Answer)
B. Sindh
D. Balochistan

790. As per foreign ministry,most no of pakistanis are living in Saudi arabia.And the number of Pakistanis living there are approximately?
A. 2.7 million (Answer)
B. 2.8 million
C. 2.9 million
D. 2.6 million