191. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case?
A. Faiz Ahmed Faiz
B. Habib Jalib
C. Shorash Kashmiri
D. Hafiz Jalandhri

192. Pakistan purchased Gawader from ____________?
A. Oman
B. Iran
C. Kuwait
D. None of these

193. The foundation stone of Diamer-Bhasha Dam was laid by ____________?
A. Nawaz Sharif
B. Yousuf Raza Gilani
C. Shaukat Aziz
D. Asif Zardari

194. Coal-based power project is approved at _________?
A. Khairpur
B. Thatta
C. Karachi
D. Jamshoro

195. Contract to Operate Gwadar Port was given to __________?
A. United States
B. China
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Dubai

196. Iran to set up oil refinary in _________?
A. Gwadar
B. DG Khan
C. DI Khan
D. Quetta

197. Who serves as the Acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister?
A. Federal Senior Minister
B. Speaker National Assembly
C. Chairman Senate
D. Foreign Minister

198. Pakistan General Elections 2013 were held on __________?
A. 10 May 2013
B. 11 May 2013
C. 12 May 2013
D. 13 May 2013

199. Nawaz Sharif sworned in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on __________?
A. 02 June 2013
B. 05 June 2013
C. 07 June 2013
D. 09 June 2013

200. The newest district of Balochistan is __________?
A. Sheerani
B. Jhal Magsi
C. Washuk
D. Lehri