121. The lower Chenab canal starts from___________?
A. Rasul
B. Khanki
C. Trimun
D. None of them

122. Taunsa barrage is situated on______________?
A. Ravi
B. Jhelum
C. Zhob
D. Indus

123. Who became second Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A. Choudhry Mohammad Ali
B. Mohammad Ali Bogra
C. Khwaja Nazimuddin
D. Malik Feroz Khan Noon

124. Which country accepted Pakistan first?
A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Indonesia
D. China

125. For how much rupees Ranjit Singh sold the Kashmir?
A. 80 lacs
B. 75 lacs
C. 70 lacs
D. 65 lacs

126. Which headworks of canals irrigating Pakistani areas were unlawfully given to India?
A. Madhopur
B. Ferozpur
C. both of them
D. none of them

127. India made a cowardly attack on Lahore which resulted as war between two countries. When this war broke out?
A. 9th Sep 1965
B. 7th Sep 1965
C. 8th Sep 1965
D. 6th Sep 1965

128. After the war of 1965 which pact was signed between India and Pakistan?
A. Bilateral Pact
B. Tashkant Pact
C. Moscow Pact
D. Soviet Pact

129. Who represented Pakistan in Tashkant Meeting?
A. Gen. Ayub Khan
B. Gen. Yahya Khan
C. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
D. Gen. Iskander Mirza

130. When PPP was established?
A. October 1967
B. August 1967
C. November 1967
D. December 1967