1171. What is the name of the book written by Malala Yousfa zai for young children . released in october 2017?

A. Magic Pencil *
B. Education Ride
C. Colors of Education
D. Stories of Malala

1172. When were prime minister Nawaz Sharif, hid daugher Maryam nawaz and son in law Muhammad Safdar indicated in a national accountability Burea NAB reference pertaining to avenfield apartments in london?

A. 19 October 2017
B. 23 March 2017
C. 12 April 2017 *
D. 14 March 2017

1173. Who broke the record of Waqar Younis as teh fastest wicket taking player with taking 50 wickets in 24 ODIs?

A. Hassan Ali *
B. Junaid Khan
C. Yasir Shah
D. Imad Wasim

1174. Who became the fastest spinner to take 150 wickets in text cricket ?

A. Paul Dolly
B. Yasir Shah *
C. M Badree
D. Samuel Chain

1175. Who became the first pakistani to achieve a T20 Hat trice on 27 october 2917?

A. Muhammad Hafeez
B. Hassan Ali
C. Imad Wasim
D. Faheem Ashraf *

1176. What is the total lenght of TAPI gas pipeline that links central Asia to South Asia ?

A. 1759 km
B. 1840 km *
C. 2008 km
D. 1972 km

1177. The federal board of Revenue and state bank of pakistan on 20th March 2018 launched a tax collection system allowing taxpayers to pay taxes and duties using internet banking account of ATM is called :

A. Pay as your earn scheme
B. Online tax collection system *
C. One window collection system
D. None of them

1178. The latest smart phone app launched by National Counter Terrorism Authority ( NACTA) Purports to :

A. Allow police to warn public of terrorist attack
B. Allow the public to anonymously report instances of alleged hate speech
C. Allow interior ministry to educate public of security measures *
D. Allow government to hire speakers to work on the app as reformer speakers

1179. Name the weight lifter who grabbed a bronze medal in men’s 62 kg sntach category in 21st commonwealth games 2018:

A. Imran Bull
B. Talha Talib *
C. Omer Salah
D. Fakhir Ahmed

1180. Which is the largest airport of pakistan :

A. Islamabad *
B. Lahore
C. Karachi
D. Peshawar