1141. Which team won gold medal in the Hockey event of the 12th south Asian games on 12th February 2016?

A. India
B. Bhutan
C. Sri lanka
D. Pakistan *

1142. When were panama papers, one of the biggest media leaks in history revealed , which involves the family of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ?

A. 1st January 2016
B. 12th March 2016
C. 18TH December 2015
D. 4th April 2016 *

1143. Which indigenously manufactured war aircraft squadron (Minhas replacing some of the of the oldest F-7Ps in its inventory on 11th apri 2016 ?

A. JF-17 *
B. JB-14
C. F-12
D. JL-6

1144. When did pakistan and china consented to an arrangement for the send off of an extraordinary satellite to screen for the improvement of the 46 Billion US dollar china-pakistan financial Hall (CPEC) Venture.

A. 13th May 2016
B. 18th February 2016
C. 20th April 2016 *
D. 2nd June 2016

1145. When did Humanitarian ,Abdul sattar Edhi passed away ?

A. 8th July 2016 *
B. 12th October 2015
C. 2nd January 2016
D. 5th March 2015

1146. Who became the third pakistani after muhammad ali jinnah and zia=ul-haq to recieve military honor at his burial ceremony on 8th July 2016?

A. Roland Desouza
B. Naimatullah Khan
C. Abid Qayum Suleri
D. Abdul Sattar Edhi *

1147. Which test was made mandatory during investigations in the Anti Rape bill 2016 in Pakistan ?

A. DNA test *
B. Physiological test
C. A beta test
D. Enc Test

1148. When was the first cyber harasssment helpline launched in pakistan ?

A. 24th November 2016
B. 26th August 2016
C. 15th September 2016
D. 1st December 2016 *

1149. Who became the first batsman in the history of test cricket to score centuries in 11 countries including the United arab emirates ?

A. Younis Khan *
B. A B devillers
C. Virat Kohli
D. Steven smith

1150. What is the range of Babar-3 cruise missile launched by pakistan on 9 January 2017?

A. 350 Kilometer
B. 450 kilometer *
C. 500 Kilometer
D. 700 Kilometer