711. General Qamar Javed Bajwa has called on which country’s Minister for Defense on 22 March 2018?
A. Oman (Answer)
B. Thailand
C. Russia

712. ECP has announced to set up ——— display centres for voters lists in Pakistan?
A. 15487
B. 16487
C. 14487 (Answer)
D. 13487

713. As per ‘Tobacco Atlas’, how many people are being killed by tobacco-related diseases in Pakistan annually?
A. 170,000
B. 180,000
C. 160,000 (Answer)
D. 190,000

714. Burj Khalifa was lighted up with green and white spectacular LED illumination of the Pakistani national flag on country’s –
———- Pakistan Day?
A. 76th
B. 77th
C. 78th (Answer)
D. 79th

715. Which city of Pakistan has hosted Pakistan’s first-ever Biennale?
A. Karachi
B. Lahore (Answer)
C. Islamabad
D. Rawalpindi

716. Pakistan women cricket team has won three-match series against which country?
A. Srilanka (Answer)
B. India
C. Bangladesh
D. Australia

717. As per report by World Travel and Tourism Council, Travel and tourism contributed approximately Rs ——- billion to
Pakistan’s economy in 2017?
A. 935
B. 940
C. 931 (Answer)
D. 945

718. Who has become the first female Senate opposition leader in Pakistan?
A. Khushbakht Shujat
B. Sherry Rehman (Answer)
C. Krishna Kumari
D. Abida Muhammad Azeem

719. Which country has provided ‘high-performance tracking system’ for Pakistan’s missile programme?
A. China (Answer)
C. Russia
D. Germany

720. The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco) inked deal with whom to acquire communication satellite (PakSat-MM1)?
A. Aerospace company of China
B. China Great Wall Industry Cooperation (CGWIC) (Answer)
C. Aerospace companies of Australia
D. Aerospace companies of USA