1271. Who designed the Dars-e-Nizami?

A. Nasir Amir -ul- Mominin
B. Hibah Rahmani
C. Nazamudding Farangi *
D. Mulla Do Piyaza

1272. Violent Hindu reaction and protests forced the British government to revise its decision about the partition of Bengal . Thus at the recommendation of vicerory lord Hardinge the annulment of the partition was announced on 12th december 1911 in Delhi Darbar by :

A. Lord Rippon
B. King George V *
C. Viceroy
D. Queen Victoria

1273. Murree hills are part of the mountain range of ?

A. Karakoram hills
B. Pamirs Hills
C. Kirthar Range
D. Pir Pinjal range *

1274. In which place 5 rivers of punjab met ?

A. Taremu Head
B. Mithankot
C. Panjnad *
D. Sadiqabad

1275. Muslim members in interim government of 1946 ?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 5 *

1276. First chief minister of sindh after separation of Bombay presidency ?

A. GH Hidayatullah *
B. Ayub Khoro
C. Rahim Talpur
D. Noor Muhammad Talpur

1277. Founder of pakistan republican party ?

A. Zafar Ali Khan
B. Sir Fazal Hussain
C. Sir Sikandar Hayat
D. Dr Khan Sahib *

1278. On five thousand rupees note which mosque is pictured ?

A. Badshahi Masjid
B. Faisal Mosque *
C. Nabvi Mosque
D. None of these

1279. Who founded the Brahmo Samaj ( Brahma Samaj ) ?

A. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
B. Dayannad Saraswati
C. Raj Rammohan Roy *
D. Swami Vivekananda

1280. Who is the author of Pakistan A Hard Country ?

A. Maleeha Lodhi
B. Anatol Lieven *
C. Rashid Ahmad
D. Allen Lane