1241. Who was listed as a global terrorist by the UN belonging to the Jaish-e-Mohammed on 2 May 2019?

A. Masood Azhar *
B. Pulwan Khan
C. Patooki Nasar
D. Azhar Bhassir

1242. What did pakistan Air foce (PAF) name the response operation against aggression of india on 3rd may 2019?

A. Operation Swift Retort *
B. Operation Death Strike
C. Operation claw
D. Operation sheen Baz

1243. Who was appointed as the new state bank governor on 5th may 2019?

A. Dr .Altaf Khan
B. Dr. Raza Baqir *
C. Dr. Khurram Rana
D. Dr. Qayyum Raza

1244. Who became the youngest ever batsman to score a 150 plus knock in ODI cricket in England on 15th May 2019 ?

A. Imam ul haq *
B. Babar Azam
C. Haris Sohail
D. Sarfaraz Ahmad

1245. Who was appointed as teh chief justice of Federal Shariat court on 17th May 2019 ?

A. Justice Muhammad Noor *
B. Justice Rehman Bashir
C. Justice Raheel Ahmad
D. Justice Wasim Khan

1246. What is the name of the programme launched by PM imran khan aimed to economically empower the youth of the country in june 2019 ?

A. Kamyab Awam *
B. Kamyab Jawan
C. Kamyab Bunda
D. Kamyab Log

1247. Which ballistic missle was successfully launched by pakistan army on 24th May 2019?

A. Shaheen II *
B. Bahadar III
C. Khudar I
D. Mulk IV

1248. Who became the first pakistan man to climb seven peaks over 800 meters in the world on 24th May 2019?

A. Mirza Ali *
B. Khalid Munir
C. Pashtoon Ali
D. Bihawal Khan

1249. Which pakistanis attained the record for fastest arrangment of the periodic table elements in a very short span of time of 5 minutes and 41 seconds on 29th may 2019?

A. Ali Hamid
B. Zidane Hamid *
C. Bashir Khan
D. Ali Munir

1250. Which pakistani was honoured with IBM’S Highest award on 7th June 2019?

A. Asma Zaheer *
B. Mubashar Ali
C. Ikram Khan
D. Ali Munir