1351. Who was the first commander in chief of army after independency ?

A. General Frank Meservy *
B. General Harvey Door
C. General Merk
D. General Austen

1352. Who replaced Nazimuddin as prime minister of pakistan ?

A. Muhammad Ghulam
B. Syed Hasham Raza
C. Chaudry Muhammad Ali
D. Muhammad Ali Bogra *

1353. Nadvat-ul-Ulama was established in which year ?

A. 1989
B. 1894 *
C. 1888
D. 1885

1354. The object of cripps mission was to :

A. Hold discussion with Muslim leaders for support during WWII
B. Hold discussion with Hindu leaders for support during WWII
C. Hold discussion with indian leaders for support during WWII *
D. Hold discussion with social reformist for support during WWII

1355. English newspaper the comrade was founded by :

A. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar *
B. Maulana Hasrat Mohani
C. Maulan Zafar Ali khan
D. Maulan Abu Kalam Azad

1356.In which round table conference Allama Iqbal did not participated ?

A. First round table conference *
B. Second round table conference
C. Third round table conference
D. None of them

1357. Who was appointed as first chief Martial law administrator after abrogation of constitution of 1956 ?

A. General Ayub khan *
B. General Yahya khan
C. General Tikka Khan
D. General Mirza

1358. Simla pact was signed between pakistan and india in ?

A. 1966
B. 1971
C. 1972 *
D. 1974

1359. When pakistan became islamic republic ?

A. 14th august 1947
B. 23rd March 1940
C. 23rd March 1956 *
D. 23rd March 1973

1360. Who was the speaker of National assembly when Yahya khan dissolved national assembly ?

A. Justice Abdul Jabbar *
B. General Ayub Khan
C. Molvi Tamiz uddin
D. None of these