1191. Which prime minister was sentenced for 10 years Jail in the avenfeild Property case on 6 July 2018?

A. Nawaz Sharif *
B. Mamnoon Hussain
C. Asif Ali Zardari
D. Sahahid Khaqan Abbasi

1192. Who became the first pakistani batsman to scorea double century in the ODI cricket on 20th July 2018?

A. Fakhr Zaman *
B. Azhar Ali
C. Shaan Masood
D. Imam ul Haq

1193. Who was appointed as the first woman chief justice of balochistan high court on 23 july 2018?

A. Maria Anwar
B. Bushra Niazi
C. Syeda Tahir Safdar *
D. Mahnoon Ali

1194. Fakhr zaman is the highest score maker in an ODI inning . How much scores did he make ?

A. 225
B. 201
C. 210 *
D. 221

1195. Name the pakistani cricket pair who break the world record of highest opening stand with 304 runs ?

A. Zaman,Imam *
B. Asif Ali, Zaman
C. Iman, Asif ali
D. Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali

1196.What is the highest partnership in pakistan’s ODI history ?

A. 304 *
B. 301
C. 299
D. 286

1197. What is the highest partnership in pakistan’s ODI pakistan ?

A. 399-1 *
B. 385-1
C. 392-1
D. 401-1

1198. FBR launched an application Iris- ADX ( Asychro-nous Deto exchange ) to resolve connectivity issue of property income tax return and wealth statement with using :

A. Internet *
B. Excel
C. Google
D. Amazon

1199. Who was elected as the 13th president of pakistan ?

A. Mamnoon Hussain
B. Dr. Arif Alvi *
C. Raza Rabbani
D. Aitzaz Ahsan

1200. What is the number of Assembly elected as the result of July 2018 elections ?

A. 14th
B. 15th *
C. 13th
D. 12th