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Pakistan Current Affairs Mcqs & Quiz for Test Prepartation

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21. Pakistan PM Imran Khan unveiled a new “political map of Pakistan” that counts ____________ as part of Pakistan?

A. Jammu & Kashmir
B. Junagadh
C. Sir Creek & Ladakh
D. A & B both
E. All of these

22. PM Imran Khan Inaugurated Peshawar BRT on__________August, 2020?

A. 11th August, 2020
B. 12th August, 2020
C. 13th August, 2020
D. 14th August, 2020

23. Government launched Ehsaas Nash-o-Numa programme on _____________?

A. 11 August 2020
B. 12 August 2020
C. 13 August 2020
D. None of these

24. “Tiger Force Day” was celebrated on ___________?

A. 5th August 2020
B. 7th August 2020
C. 9th August 2020
D. None of these

25. The 660kV Matiari-Lahore HVDC Transmission line being built at a cost of $1.6 billion is_________km long.

A. 686
B. 786
C. 886
D. 986

26. The current test series being played between Pakistan and England in Aug, 2020 is the________test series between the two countries.

A. 24th
B. 25th
C. 26th
D. 27th

27. On Aug 07,2020 PM Imran Khan launched the Ravi Urban Development Project under which Ravi City would be created north of lahore near the Ravi river at a cost of_________?

A. Rs4 Trillion
B. Rs5 Trillion
C. Rs8 Trillion
D. Rs10 Trillion

28. Pakistan observed ‘Youm-e-Istehsal-e-Kashmir’ (Day of Exploitation in occupied Kashmir) on____________?

A. 3rd August
B. 5th August
C. 8th August
D. None of Above

29. The Police Martyrs Day is observed on __________ in Pakistan?

A. August 01
B. August 02
C. August 04
D. None of these

30. When federal cabinet approved a new political map of Pakistan, which includes the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) and other disputed areas?

A. 27 July 2020
B. 2 August 2020
C. 3 August 2020
D. 4 August 2020