531. Hub Power Generation Plant will have capacity to generate ________ of electricity?
A. 1,520 megawatts
B. 1,120 megawatts
C. 2,300 megawatts
D. 1,320 megawatts

532. Hub Power Generation plant was inaugurated by PM Imran Khan on______________?
A. September 21, 2019
B. November 22, 2019
C. October 13, 2019
D. October 21, 2019

533. Which Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court inaugurated two child protection courts in Mardan and Abbottabad districts in October 5th 2019?
A. Justice Amanullah Yazinzai
B. Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail
C. Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth
D. None of these

534. Who has taken charge as the Chairman of newly created Strategic Policy Planning Cell (SPPC)?
A. Dr Moeed Yusuf
B. Dr Afzal
C. Dr Tataheer Muhammadi
D. Dr Sadam Shah

535. Which Woman from Pakistan named in BBC’s 100 Women of 2019?
A. Nafeesa shah
B. Reham khan
C. Bushra BB
D. Jalila Haider

536. Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered historic speech in the UNGA session 2019 on 27th September 2019. The focus of his Speech was:
A. Climate Change
B. Money Laundering
C. The myth of Islamic Terrorism
D. Kashmir Issue
E. All of above

537. Who has been elected as member of the executive committee of the Inter Parliamentary Union?
A. Asad Qaisar
B. Raza Rabbani
C. Sadiq sanjrani
D. None of these

538. Which is Pakistan rank in Miserable Countries Ranking 2018?
A. 16
B. 34
C. 40
D. 56

539. Which Pakistani wrestler won Gold medal at ANOC world Beach Wrestling Championship at Doha?
A. Muhammad Inam Butt
B. ۔Muhammad Nadeem
C. Usman Akhtar
D. Rehan Khan

540. Who was the only Athlete representing Pakistan at the World Beach Games 2019?
A. Afnan Fahim
B. Bilal khattak
C. Muhammad Inam butt
D. None of these