31.  Pfizer which recently produces Covid-19 vaccine is a/an _____ pharmaceutical company.
A. American
B.  British
C.  German
D. Russian

32. Which country on 19 July 2020 launched its first mission to Mars?
A. India
B. Malaysia
C. Iran

33. Google has recently announced to invest ____ in India.
A.  $5 billion
B.  $10 billion
C.  $15 billion
D. $20 billion

34. Currently, about how much world’s goods trade (by volume) is carried on ships?
A. 50%
B.  60%
C. 70%
D.  80%

35. According to Pfizer pharmaceutical company, their Covid-19 vaccine has ______ effective rate.
A. 80%
B. 85%
C. 90%
D. 95%

36. US President Donald Trump on 15 April 2020 halted funding to
C. Cuba
D. Nigeria

37. The Paris agreementof the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is to limit global warming well below
A. 1.0 °C
B. 1.5 °C
.C. 2.0 °C
D. 2.5 °C

38. ‘Aksai Chin’ is a disputed area between
A. China and India
B. China and Pakistan
C. India and Pakistan
D. India and Nepal

39. Who is current secretary general of the United Nations?
A. Javier Perez de Cuellar
B. Kofi Annan
C. Ban-Ki-Moon
D. Antonio Guterres

40. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change deals with
A. reduction in fossil fuel usage
B. CO2emissions mitigation
C. reduction in Uranium production
D. greenhouse gases emissions mitigation