1151. What is the name of the surface to surface missile launched by pakistan on 24tth January 2017?

A. Babar *
B. Ababeel
C. Gauri
D. Nauman

1152. Which learn won the second edition of pakistan super league (PSL) on 5 March 2017?

A. Peshawar Zalmi *
B. Lahore Qalandars
C. Quetta Gladiators
D. Karachi kings

1153. When did the pakistan government approve the merger of Federally administered Tribal areas (FATA) with the khyber pakhtunkhwa province ?

A. 10 January 2017
B. 15 April 2017
C. 23 December 2017
D. 2 March 2017 *

1154. When was the Census launched after a span of 19 years in pakistan ?

A. 20 January 2017
B. 5 February 2017
C. 21 december 2016
D. 15 March 2017 *

1155. Pakistan became the ________ country in the world to adopt legislation on climate change on 17 March 2017 ?

A. 8th
B. 2nd
C. 1st
D. 5th *

1156. Who was appointed as the youngest united nations messenger of peace on 10 april 2017?

A. Malala Yousafzai *
B. Andrew Gaarfeild
C. Peter Ross
D. David Coon

1157. Who became the youngest person to address the canadian parliament on 3 april 2017?

A. India
B. Iran
C. Afghanistan
D. Pakistan *

1158. Which country became first in the world to attain student scholarships from china in 2017?

A. Iran
B. Pakistan *
C. Cambodia
D. India

1159. Which pakistan film maker won the international journalism award 2017?

A. Shameena Tatar
B. Palvisha Kaur
C. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy *
D. Parveen Shaukat

1160. Which country became the new member of shanghai cooperation organization SCO on 10th June 2017?

A. Iran
B. Pakistan *
C. Cambodia
D. India