601. JUI-F candidate ____ won the by-election of Balochistan
Assembly`s vacant seat of PB-20 (Pishin-III).
A. Syed Azizullah Agha
B. Asmatullah Tareen
C. Jam Kamal Khan
D. Akbar Khan

602. Which country has decided to register Himalayan Pink Salt as
Geographical Indications (GI)?
A. Pakistan
B. India
C. China
D. Nepal

603. The ____ edition of the Multinational maritime exercise
Aman2021 opened at Pakistan.
A. 5th
B. 6th
C. 7th
D. 8th

604. Recently, which provincial government establishes education
villages for special children?
B. Punjab
C. Sindh
D. Balochistan

605. What is the name of the Pakistan first national investment
A. ImpactGrowth
B. PakGrowth
C. PakImpactInvest
D. TowardsEconomy

606. Renowned Ghazal singer Ijaz Qaiser died on 26 May 2020. He got Pride of Performance award in …..?
A 2010
B 2012
C 2014
D 2016

607. Name the British-Pakistani woman who became the first ever hijab-wearing deputy district judge in the United Kingdom?
A Raffia Arshad
B Naz Shah
C Yasmin Qureshi
D Rozina Ali

608. Recently, which two countries thwarted a Pakistani attempt to set up an informal group of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) envoys at the United Nations on Islamophobia?
A Saudi Arabia & UAE
B Maldives & UAE
C Qatar & Saudi Arabia
D Maldives & Oman

609. Who was the first Pakistani woman to play in the Women’s Big Bash League?
A Shazia Khan
B Sana Mirza
C Nadia Dar
D Javeria Khan

610. Which Pakistani won first gold medal in wrestling at 1954 Asian games?
A Abdul Khaliq
B Din Muhammad
C Hashim Khan
D Muhammad Younis