1101. Which country has produced the Brazuca Ball official footbal use in the FiFa world cup 2014 ?

B. Germany
C. Pakistan *
D. China

1102. What is the name ofthe joint military operation involving pakistan against the armed insurgent groups such as TTP, Al-Qaeda ETIM and IMU?

A. Operation Janbaz
B. Operation Zarb-e-azb *
C. Operation Meghdoot
D. Operation Hatf

1103. When was operation Zarb-e-azb launched by the pakistan armed forces in north waziristan against armed insurgent groups ?

A. 15 June 2014 *
B. 14 June 2014
C. 13 June 2014
D. 12 June 2014

1104. What was the name of the sword of Prophet Muhammad PBUH which was used in the battle of Badr and the Battle of Uhud ?

A. Azb *
B. Dhu-al-faqar
C. Al-Batter
D. Hatf

1105. What is the meaning of Zarb-e-azb ?

A. Long and swift *
B. Fast and sharp
C. Sharp and Cutting
D. None of the above

1106. Which country lifted the arm embargo on pakistan on 4 june 2014 ?

B. France
C. China
D. Russia *

1107. Under the reign of which prime minister was the operation Zarb-e-azb conducted ?

A. Raja pervez Ashraf
B. Yosuf Raza Gillani
C. Nawaz Sharif *
D. Shaukat Aziz

1108. Which army chief of pakistan initiated the operation zarb-e-azb in 2014?

A. Asif Nawaz Janjua
B. Raheel Sharif *
C. Ashfq pervez Kiyani
D. Pervez Musharraf

1109. Who became the youngest person ever at the age of 17 to receive the nobel prize , fo the struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the 2014 right of every child to education?

A. Malala Yousafzai *
B. Patrick Madiano
C. Eric Betzig
D. Stefan Hell

1110. Who was the pakistani to be awarded the nobel prize for peace in 2014?

A. Abdul Sattah Edhi
B. Malala Yousafzai *
C. Abdus Sallam
D. Abdul Qadir Khan