911. Which Pakistan city featured among world’s ten cheapest places in worldwide cost of Living report 2019?
A. Peshawar
B. Lahore
C. Karachi
D. Quetta

912. When Pakistan handed over the captured IAF pilot Abhinandan to India?
A. 26 Feb 2019
B. 27 Feb 2019
C. 1 Mar 2019
D. 2 Mar 2019

913. PM Imran Khan announced to convert the PM house into ____ on 21 Dec 2018?
A. Islamabad National University
B. Federal National University
C. Pakistan National University
D. Pakistan National Museum

914. Pakistan has been ranked _____ out of 149 countries on the “Global Gender Gap Index 2018” report on the WEF?
A. 120th
B. 129th
C. 137th
D. 148th

915. Where Pakistan hold talks with FATF on September 8-10?
A. Singapore
B. Dubai
C. Bangkok
D. Shanghai

916. Which Pakistani film has become the first Pakistani film to win Venice Film Festival?
A. Darling
B. Punjab Nahi Jaongi
C. War
D. Azad

917. When the Pakistani acting legend “Abid Ali” passes away?
A. On 3 September 2019
B. On 4 September 2019
C. On 5 September 2019
D. On 6 September 2019

918. What is the cause of death of Pakistani cricketer “Abdul Qadir Khan”?
A. Car Accident
B. Cardiac Arrest
C. Assassination
D. Cancer

919. Which magazine named “PM Imran Khan” in the list of Top 100 Global Thinkers in 2019?
A. Tribune
B. Forbes
C. Foreign Affairs
D. Foreign Policy

920. According to World Bank Report, the expected growth rate of Pakistan for the financial year 2019-2020 will be about:
A. 1.4%
B. 2.4%
C. 3.4%
D. 4.4%