391. Which Nine-year-old Pakistani girl beats Indian professor, sets world record in chemistry by arranging all elements of periodic chart in just 2 minutes and 42 seconds?
A. Abiha Haider
B. Liba wahaj
C. Natalia Najam
D. None of these

392. Who is Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on health?
A. Dr Zafar Mirza
B. Dr Faisal Sultan
C. Dr Yasmeen
D. None of Above

393. Which Kashmiri Journalist recently on ” Peter Mackler” prize for courageous and ethical journalism?
A. Musrat Zahra
B. Sadeeq Pasha
C. Hadeeq Wani
D. None of these

394. Which of the following Pakistani players has been inducted into ICC Hall Of Fame 2020 ?
A. Wasim Akram
B. Zaheer Abbas
C. Waqar Younis
D. Saeed Anwar

395. Current Hijri Year is _________?
A. 1439 AH
B. 1440 AH
C. 1441 AH
D. 1442 AH

396. National Party chief Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo passed away in Karachi on_____________?
A. 20th August 2020
B. 25th August 2020
C. 19th August 2020
D. 26th August 2020

397. Which country has provided 12 T16 high-tech drones to help Pakistan combating locusts?
B. Turkey
C. China
D. Russia

398. Who is the Current Leader of the House in Senate of Pakistan ?
A. Shahzad Waseem
B. Raja Zafarul Haq
C. Shibli Faraz
D. Ahtazaz ahsan

399. Who is the Current CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills?
A. Engineer Ashiq Ali
B. Brig (r) Shujah Hassan
C. Sher Alam Mehsud
D. None

400. Who has been appointed as new Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
A. Dr Faisal
B. Zahid Hafeez
C. Ayesha Farooqi
D. Shahera Shahid