1211. Who became the fastest bowlere to take 200 test wickets in just 33 test breaking 82 year old record set by Australian leg spinner Clarrie Grammet in 36 tests ?

A. Muhammad Aaamir
B. Hassan Ali
C. Yasir Shah *
D. Sahid Afridi

1212. What is the name of book launched by Malala Yousafzai in the month of January 2019?

A. Malala’s magic pencil
B. We are displaced *
C. Malala the young warrior
D. Malala as a child

1213. What is the name of the book authored by Malala yousafzai for children?

A. Malala’s Magic pencil *
B. We are displaced
C. Malala the young warrior
D. Malala as a child

1214. Who won the franchise rights for the sixth team of pakistan super league (PSL). Multan sultan in 2018?

A. Ali Akbar chugtai
B. Ali Haider Basaam
C. Ali Akbar Tareen *
D. Faisal Khan chughtai

1215. Where was the first ever ice hockey match held in pakistan on 29 december 2018?

A. Gilgit Baltistan *
B. Murree
C. Swat
D. Quetta

1216. What was the name of Balistic Missile launched by pakistan on 31 january 2019 ?

A. Haq
B. Nasr *
C. Pasheen
D. Khuzdar

1217. Which was declared as Punjab’s stat aquatic animal on 3 February 2019?

A. Red Hoq
B. Black Patridge
C. Indus river Dolphin *
D. Uryal

1218. When did the pulwama attack occur, killing 40 indian central reserve police force ?

A. 12 March 2019
B. 10 January 2019
C. 14 February 2019 *
D. 8 March 2019

1219. Which country withdrew the most favoured nation (MFN) status of pakistan on 14 february after the pulwama terror attack ?

A. Iran
B. China
C. India *
D. Qatar

1220. Who was the 13 years old pakistani girl to be selected for NASA internship on 18 February 2019?

A. Nada Sheikh
B. Radia Amir *
C. Fatima Khan
D. Rida Anwar