721. Pakistan has acquired another communication satellite on March 22,2018 named as ——-?
A. PakSat-MM2
B. PakSat-MM1 (Answer)
C. PakSat-MM3
D. PakSat-MM4

722. Sohail Ahmed Tipu was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his residence on March 22, 2018.He was working on which position?
A. AC Gujranwala
B. DC Gujranwala (Answer)
C. AIG Punjab police
D. DIG Punjab police

723. The ——- Pakistan Day was celebrated across the country on 23rd March 2018?
A. 79th
B. 77th
C. 78th (Answer)
D. 80th

724. Sindh government on Pakistan Day 2018 has announced a ——- day reduction in the sentence of convicts imprisoned in the province’s jails?
A. 90
B. 30
C. 60 (Answer)
D. 120

725. SBP has denied the issuance of ——– RS banknote, as continuously rumors were circulating on the social media regarding the issuance of the note?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 10000 (Answer)
D. 5

726. Which country’s President has been the Guest of Honor on Pakistan Day (23 March 2018) parade?
A. Srilanka (Answer)
B. India
C. Bangladesh
D. S.Africa

727. Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain has awarded ——— Pakistani citizens and foreign nationals for their extraordinary services in many fields, including science, literature, arts, sports and media on 23 March 2018?
A. 145
B. 148
C. 141 (Answer)
D. 139

728. According to UNICEF’s report, in Pakistan clean drinking water is available to only ——-% of the population?
A. 50
B. 70
C. 30 (Answer)
D. 10

729. As per study report there will be no or very little clean water available in Pakistan by ————?
A. 2020
B. 2030
C. 2025 (Answer)
D. 2040

730. As per International Monetary Fund (IMF) report 2018,Pakistan ranked —— amongst countries facing water shortages?
A. 15th
B. 20th
C. 3rd (Answer)
D. 18th