1201. What is the number of election held July 2018?

A. 11th *
B. 12th
C. 13th
D. 14th

1202. What was the turnout in the election held in july 2018?

A. 52.7 %
B. 55.8 % *
C. 57.1 %
D. 49.7 %

1203. Which judge of high court was removed by the order of president of pakistan on the recommendation of supreme judicial council (SJC) on 11th october 2018:

A. Hassan Ali Agha
B. Shaukat Aziz Siddique *
C. Ikhlaq Hussain
D. Sheikh shaukat ali

1204. Name the online portal launched by the safe cities authorities for the convenience of drivers ?

A. Echallan.psca.gop.pk *
B. Echallanportal.ppsc.pk
C. Echallan.pacs.gov.pk
D. Echallan.fpsc.gop.pk

1205. Tez financial service a Karachi based fintech company has launched a microfinance digital loan programme without any paper work known by the name of :

A. Micro loan
B. Nano Finance *
C. Digital Loan
D. Hightech Loan

1206. Prime minister Imran khan launched on 29th october 2018 a citizen’s complaint receiving system aimed people’s problems under his own supervision known as :

A. Pakistan National Portal (PNP)
B. Pakistan protection Portal (PPP)
C. Pakistan citizen’s Portal(PCP) *
D. Pakistan Defence portal (PDP)

1207. The apex regulator of capital market in pakistan is :

A. Federal Board of Revenue
B. Pakistan Stock exchange
C. State Bank of pakistan
D. Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission *

1208. To facilitate the investors, central directorate of national saving (CDNS) has launched a mobile application called :

A. My digital saving
B. National Saving digital
C. Qaumi Bachat Digital *
D. Bank Sahulat Digital

1209. Name the first women cricketer who topped the ICC women’s ODI ranking for bowlers :

A. Zara Ahmad
B. Sana Mir *
C. Saima Ghani
D. Zubiada Khalid

1210. Pakistan and india has decided to open which border to facilitate sikh pilgrims visiters one of the holiest sites on the banks of River and Ravi?

A. Wahga
B. Rajasthan*
C. Kartarpur
D. Kasur