931. The Sindh Hari Committee was Founded in 1930 by__________?
A. Hyder Bux jatoi
B. G.M Syed
C. Allama iqbal during Allahbad
D. Comrade Nazeer Abbasi

932. The Noor Mahal is located in___________?
A. Bahawalpur
B. Multan
C. Khairpur
D. Sukker

933. which of following places is the rainiest of Pakistan?
A. Murree
B. Quetta
C. karachi
D. zairat

934. Sindhu Muhinje Saah Mein” Famous book of Sindhi literature , written by__________?
A. G.M Syed
B. Amar Jaleel
C. Sheikh Ayaz
D. Ustaad Bukhari

935. Sindhi Ciction Writer and a Columnist Qazi Abdul Jaleel , Popularly known as Amar Jaleel was born in ?
A. Rohri Sindh
B. Dadu Sindh
C. Sheikharpur Sindh
D. he Came from Rajistan India

936. Sindh was conquered by Mohd bin Qasim during the _____ period
A. Umayyads
B. Abbasids
C. Tulun
D. Idrisids

937. Urdu translation of Shah latif Jo Risalo , was made by?
A. Shaikh ayaz
B. Makhdoom Bilal
C. DR Nabi Bux Baloch
D. No one did in Urdu .

938. Dr. Ruth Pfau, also known as the mother Teresa of Pakistan died on___________?
A. 8 August, 2017
B. 9 August, 2017
C. 10 August, 2017
D. 11 August, 2017

939. Ayub land reforms how many acre of irrigated land can have?
A. 300 acre
B. 500 acre
C. 700 acre
D. 1000 acre

940. Setting a new precedent, Pakistan for the first time in its 70 years history appointed a female diplomat in ______?
A. Iran
B. India
C. China
D. Saudi Arabia