1121. The ” Central Muhammadan Association” was founded by _____.

A. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
B. Syed Mehdi
C. Waqar-ul-mulk
D. Syed Amir Ali *

1122. The Day of Deliverance was celebrated by indian Muslims on _______.

A. 22nd December 1939 *
B. 23rd December 1939
C. 24th December 1939
D. 25th December 1939

1123. The author of the book ” the making of pakistan” is _______.

A. Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi
B. Khalid Bin saeed
C. K.K. Aziz *
D. G.W choudry

1124. The Rowalatt act was passed in the year ________.

A. 1917
B. 1918
C. 1919 *
D. 1920

1125. What was the original name of Hazrat Lal Shabaz Qalandar ?

A. Hazrat Usman Marvandi *
B. Hazrat Zubair Khachki
C. Hazrat Ahmad Sindhi
D. Hazrat Abdul Latif Bhaital

1126. Who was the first president of the constituent Assembly?

A. Khawaja Nazim-ud-din
B. Liaqat Ali Khan
C. Abdul Rab Nishtar
D. Quaid-e-azam *

1127. Who held the portfolio of foreign affairs in the first cabinet of Pakistan?

A. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
B. Abdul Rab Nishtar
C. Zafrullah Khan *
D. I.I. Chundrigar

1128. When All india muslim league was founded in 1906 . one of its written aims was ______.

A. To Unite muslims
B. To fight for muslims
C. To fight against muslims
D. To promote loyalty towards british Government *

1129. In which Act, The system of Dyarchy was introduced ?

A. Indian Council Act 1861
B. Indian Council Act 1892
C. Minto Morley Reforms 1909
D. Montego chamsford reforms 1919 *

1130. Who announced the partition of india into two independent states on 3rd June 1947?

A. Wavel
B. Mountbatten *
C. Cripps
D. Simon