1021. The animal which mostly appears on Harappa seals is _______.

A. Goat
B. Humpless Bull *
C. Lion
D. Bear

1022. The Harappa Civilization belongs to which period of human society?

A. Chalcolithic age
B. Iron Age
C. Stone age
D. Neolithic Age *

1023. Which was the most common method of worship adopted by the people of Harappa ?

A. Sun worship
B. Fire Worship
C. Tree Worship *
D. Moon Worship

1024. When Aryans came to sub-continent?

A. 1500 BC
B. 1600 BC
C. 1700 BC *
D. 1800 BC

1025. The religion of Aryans developed into _______.

A. Sikhism
B. Budhism
C. Hinduism *
D. Judaism

1026. The religious book of the Aryans is known as ______.

A. The vedas *
B. The Yugas
C. The shuklas
D. The Rekhlas

1027. The Aryans used the ornaments which were mad of _______.

A. Diamond
B. Silver
C. Iron
D. Gold *

1028. The Aryans came into Indo-pak as _____.

A. Refugees
B. Immigrants
C. Traders
D. Invaders *

1029. In Northern Kingdom Gandhara Kingdom developed around _____.

A. 3rd Century BC
B. 4th Century BC *
C. 5th Century BC
D. 6th Century BC

1030. Gandhara Civilization existed in ________ pakistan from 2nd century to 5th century AD.

A. Eastern
B. Western
C. Northern *
D. Southern