1471. Which are the main ethnic factors in the Harappa culture ?

A. Proto-Australioid, Negroid,Alpine, Mediterranean
B. Indo Aryan,Proto-Australioid,Mongolian,Mediterranean
C. Alpine, Mongolian,Mediterranean, Proto-Australoid *
D. Proto-Australoid, Negroid,Alpine, Mediterranean

1472. Harrapa is located on the river :

A. Ravi River *
B. Indus River
C. Chenab River
D. Jhelum River

1473. Mohenjo-Daro is located on the river:

A. Ravi River
B. Indus river *
C. Chenab River
D. Jhelum River

1474. Mohenjo-Daro is located in which district ?

A. Larkana *
B. Attock
C. Sahiwal
D. Peshawar

1475. Porus was the ruler of the territory between rivers :

A. Jhelum and Sutlej
B. Jhelum and Chenab *
C. Ravi and Sutlej
D. Narmada and Cauvery

1476. Alexander invades India and defeated porus in the battle of Hydaspes in :

A. 326 BC *
B. 328 BC
C. 321 BC
D. 329 BC

1477. Kot-Diji is an archeological site located in which province ?

A. Sindh *
B. Punjab
D. Balochistan

1478. The Harappan fort in the shape of a parallel square is 460 yards in lenght (north-south) 215 yards in breadth (east-west) what is the height of Harappan fort ?

A. 11-13 Yards
B. 11-14 Yards
C. 10-12 Yards
D. 15-17 Yards *

1479. In the indian Population there are four basic racial sub-difference .These are Negrito,Astro Australians, Kakeshisi and :

A. Mongoloids *
B. Khokkars
C. Cylomnis
D. None of the above

1480. Alexander the Great arrived in Taxila in :

A. 316 BC
B. 326 BC *
C. 306 BC
D. 226 BC