871. Which Radio Station already existed at the time of creation of Pakistan________?
A. Peshawar
B. Karachi
C. Quetta
D. None of these

872. What percentage of total polled votes in East Pakistan was secured by Awami League in 1970 elections_____?
A. 70
B. 75
C. 80
D. 82

873. When was the state of Swat included in Pakistan_________________?
A. 4th April 1969
B. 28th July 1969
C. 29th June 1970
D. None of these

874. Who called the”spiritual guide”as shopkeepers____________?
A. Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi
B. Shah Waliullah
C. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
D. None of these

875. Who initiated the cult of Shivaji against the Muslims of India________?
A. Bal Ganga dher tilak
B. Bennerji
C. Pandit madan mohan
D. None of these

876. Who negotiated with cabinet mission (1946) on behalf of All India National Congress________?
A. Ghandi
B. Nehru
C. A.K.Azad
D. None of these

877. when Abu ala Maududi was awarded death punishment by military court on” Qadiani issue”_____?
A. March 1953
B. April 1953
C. May 1953
D. None of these

878. When was the 17th amendment bill ratified by the President, after getting passed by both houses of Majlis-e-Shura_____________?
A. Dec29,2003
B. Dec30,2003
C. Dec31,2003
D. None of these

879. When was the local government system under the devolution of power plan, 2001, inaugurated_________?
A. Aug 4, 2001
B. Aug 14, 2001
C. Aug 24, 2001
D. None of these

880. What is the meaning of Zarb-e-Azb?
A. Long Strike & Swift
B. Swift & Sharp Strike
C. Fast Strike & Sharp
D. Sharp & Cutting Strike