1221. Ali Mardan khan is famously known for his :

A. Roads
B. Canals *
C. Invasions
D. None of these

1222. The fifth sikh peshwas Guru arjan singh was executed by the Mughal Emperor?

A. Akbar
B. Jhangir *
C. Alamgir
D. None of these

1223. The first nuclear test in india took place in 1974. what was it called ?

A. Tomado
B. Smiling Buddha *
C. Prithvi
D. Shakti I

1224. What is the name of Citadel of Sikhism, Found in the holy city of Amritsar ?

A. Golden Mosque
B. Golden Temple *
C. Golden Spire
D. Golden Shrine

1225. Who wrote the book sher-o-shayari?

A. Altaf hussain hali *
B. Deputy nazir Ahmed
C. Abu ul Kalam Azad
D. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

1226. The oldest inhabitants of baluchistan are :

A. Brahuis *
B. Makrani
C. Pakhtuns
D. Pashtuns

1227. Which one is the largest ethnic group in Baluchistan ?

A. Baluch
B. Pathans *
C. Brahui
D. Seraiki

1228. Frere hall is one of the few well-preserved buildings of the British Raj that still exists in :

A. Lahore
B. Karachi *
C. Quetta
D. Dadu

1229. In 1938, at the All India Muslim League annual session in Patna, who was the first to raise the slogan “Quaid-e-Azam” in honor of the nation’s founder, Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah?

A. Mian Mazhar-ud-din *
B. Mian Feroz Uddin’s
C. Sardar Aurangzeb Khan
D. Liaquat Ali Khan

1230. Makli hill is the name of ________ which is situated in the province of sindh:

A. Graveyard *
B. Playground
C. Ancient Building
D. Local Dance