1311. Who among the followin sultans of Delhi has been described by the historians as te mixture of opposites ?

A. Balban
B. Alauddin Khilji
C. Muhammad bin Tughluq *
D. Ibrahim lodhi

1312. Allaudin Khilji Introduced market reforms :

A. To administer his subjects well
B. To easy the peasant’s living
C. To maintain a larger army economically *
D. To remove mediators

1313. Al beruni came to india along with :

A. Mahmud of Ghazni *
B. Muhammad Bin qasim
C. Muhammad Ghauri
D. Timur

1314. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?

A. Zia-ud-din Barani Tarikh-i-muhammadi
B. Shams-i-sirajafif Tarikh-i Feroz Shahi
C. Ibn Batuta fatwa-i-Jahandari
D. Amir Khusru Tabaqat -i-Nasiri*

1315. The first muslim ruler in india was :

A. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
B. Mahmud of Ghazni
C. Qutubudin Aibak
D. Muhammad Ghori *

1316. Who was the first and last woman ruler of Delhi ?

A. Chand Bibi
B. Noor Jahan
C. Razia Sultana *
D. Mumtaz Mahal

1317. Consider the following passage :
“In the course of a career on the road spanning almost thirty years, He crossed the breadth of the eastern hemisphere, visited territories equivalent to about 44 modern countries and put behind him a total distance of approximately 73000 miles “The preceding passage is referring to the greatest traveler of all time:

A. Fahien
B. Marco polo *
C. Megasthenes
D. Ibn Batuta

1318. The correct chronological order of the three nations that invaded India is as follows:

1. Mahmud of Ghazni
2. Nadir Shah
3. Changez Khan

A. 2,3,1
B. 1,3,2 *
C. 1,2,3
D. 3,2,1

1319. Ala-u-din Khilji’s revenue system was directed towards :

I. Controlling ambitious muslim nobles
II.Curbing the wealth and power of Hindu land owning classes
III. Increasing the state’s Income

A. I and II
B. III only
C. I,II and III *

1320. India’s earliest contact with islam came through :

A. Arab conquest of Sindh in the seventh century
B. Turkish invasion in 11th century
C. Sufi saints
D. Arab Merchants on malabar coast *