821. The British Parliament announced the Independence Act on___________?
A. 14 July 1947
B. 16 July 1947
C. 18 July 1947
D. 19 July 1947

822. Kashmir sold to Gulab Singh in_____________?
A. 1842
B. 1844
C. 1846
D. 1848

823. Number of Prime Ministers till 1958______________?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

824. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan retired as a Judge in_______________?
A. 1874
B. 1875
C. 1876
D. 1877

825. When Shah Wali Ullah died_____________?
A. 1761
B. 1762
C. 1763
D. 1764

826. Who was appointed the first principal of Darul ulum Deoband_______?
A. Maulana Mamluk Ali
B. Haji Muhammad Abid
C. Maulana Muhammad Qasim
D. None

827. Who floated the idea of establishment of Anjuman-e-Hamiat-e-Islam___________?
A. Maulana Shibli
B. Kh. Hamid ud din
C. Munshi Charag ud Din
D. None of these

828. When Sir Stafford Cripps announced his formula to seek the co-operation between the National Congress and Muslim League_________?
A. March 30,1940
B. March 30,1942
C. March 30,1944
D. None of these

829. When the Simla conference under the presidentship of Lord Wavell was ended_______?
A. June 14, 1945
B. July 14, 1945
C. August 14, 1945
D. None of these

830. Faraizi Movemnents was primarily a religious movement. Dudhu Mian transferred it to_________Movement?
A. Political
B. Educational
C. Guerrilla
D. Cultural