211. On which date British Passed Legislative Councils Act, 1861?
A. 1st August 1861
B. 2nd August 1861
C. 5th August 1861
D. 7th August 1861

212. The Lucknow Pact between the Indian National congress and Muslim league was signed in________?
A. 1900
B. 1906
C. 1916
D. 1930

213. All India Muslim Students Federation was formed in 1937 by__________?
A. Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar
B. Allama iqbal
C. Raja Sahib of Mehmudabad
D. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan

214. In which year did Mohatrma Fatima Jinnah contest the presidential election?
A. 1960
B. 1962
C. 1967
D. 1965

215. Who was the only Muslim member in the house who opposed the Objectives Resolution 1949 in the Assembly?
A. Main Iftikar-ud-Din
B. Mumtaz Doltana
C. Ayub Khoro
D. Abdullah Haroon

216. Karachi was occupied by British in__________?
A. 1842
B. 1843
C. 1844
D. None

217. Haran Minar was built by___________?
A. Akbar
B. Noor Jehan
C. Humayun
D. Jahangir

218. Chachnama was originally written in__________?
A. Arabic
B. Persian
C. Sindhi
D. Urdu

219. When T.V Transmission was started in the Pakistan?
A. November 24, 1964
B. November 26, 1964
C. November 28, 1964
D. November 30, 1964

220. Building of the Supreme Court in Islamabad was designed by a _________ architect?
A. Turkish
B. Greek
C. Japanese
D. Pakistani