1081. Abdullah Bin Hinyan died in the battle with _______.

A. Hindus *
B. Sikhs
C. Muslims
D. Aryans

1082. After Hinyan’s death, Who was sent by Hajjaj to fight with Hindu Raja?

A. Sulaiman
B. Muhammad Bin Qasim *
C. Saleh
D. Abdullah

1083. What was the relation of Muhmmad bin qasim with Hajjaj Bin Yousaf?

A. Brother
B. Father
C. Grand Father
D. Nephew,Son in Law *

1084. Before conquering Daibal Muhammad bin qasim Conquered ?

A. Afghanistan
B. Iran and Iraq
C. Naroon and Savistan *
D. Maldeep

1085. When Muhammad bin qasim attacked sindh, his age was _____.

A. 15 Years
B. 16 Years
C. 17 Years *
D. 18 Years

1086. Decisive battle was fought between Dahir and Muhammad Bin qasim on _______.

A. 25TH October 712
B. 26Th October 712
C. 27TH October 712
D. 28TH October 712 *

1087. The decisive Battle between Muhammad bin qasim and Dahir was fought at _____.

A. Lahore
B. Aloor *
C. Lucknow
D. Delhi

1088. After capturing Aloor, Muhammad Bin qasim Conquered which city ?

A. Ahmadabad
B. Harappa
C. Mohenjodaro
D. Multan *

1089. What was the name of Dahir’s wife?

A. Palavi
B. Seta
C. Rani Bai *
D. Sumeeta

1090. From which city Dahir’s wife challenged Qasim?

A. Taxila
B. Rawar *
C. Kirthar
D. Potwar

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