1061. Around the end 2nd century B.C. some unusual upheavals in the central Asia let loose series of human floods that brought about wave of invasions into indo-pak .First invasion was made by______.

A. The Kushans
B. The Sakas
C. The Bacirians *
D. The Rathians

1062. Ashoka a great ruler of sub continent be longed to which religion?

A. Islam
B. Hinduism
C. Judiasm
D. Buddhism *

1063. Daravians were made slaves by _________.

A. Kushanas
B. Aryans *
C. Sakas
D. Parthians

1064. Which of the following cities of pakistan is a famous place due to stoopas ?

A. Taxila *
B. Karachi
C. Swat
D. Mardan

1065. The indus valley civilization is known as pre-aryan civilization because of evidence of ______.

A. Art
B. Copper *
C. Pottery
D. Script

1066. The main occupation of the people of the indus valley civilization was ______.

A. Agriculture *
B. Trade
C. Hunting
D. None of these

1067. The indus valley civilization belongs to the ________.

A. Neolithic Age *
B. Palaeolithic age
C. Chalcolithic age
D. Mesolithic age

1068. There are similarities between the seals found at Mohenjodaro and ______.

A. Egypt
B. China
C. Sumeria *
D. Mesopotamia

1069. Which of the following city was the capital city of Gandhara civilization ?

A. Taxila *
B. Peshawar
C. Dena
D. Jhelum

1070. Under Mughal administration each sarkar was divided into ______.

A. City
B. Province
C. District
D. Pargana *