601. Name the largest desert of Pakistan?
A. Thal
B. Thar
C. Cholistan
D. None

602. Oldest Language of Pakistan is?
A. Sindhi
B. Punjabi
C. Pashto
D. Barohi

603. The SAARC movement was launched for?
A. Political alliances
B. Regional cooperation
C. Cultural exchanges
D. Military strategy

604. First Constitution in Pakistan was imposed in?
A. 23rd march 1956
B. 25th march 1956
C. 24th march 1956
D. 26th march 1956

605. The Total Area of Quetta City in sq km is______________?
A. 2,656 km²
B. 3,702 km²
C. 5,723 km²
D. 7,523 km²

606. Balochistan Became Province in______________?
A. 1st july 1970
B. 14th Aug 1947
C. 14th Aug 1973
D. 23rd march 1956

607. Graveyard of Empires is____________?
C. Afghanistan
D. Pakistan

608. How many founding members OIC has at the time of its establishment?

609. Nawab Akbar Bugti was Assassinated on?
A. 26 Aug 2006
B. 27 Dec 2007
C. 28 Oct 2008
D. 1st aug 2009

610. who was the hero of 1857 war?
A. Tipu Sultan
B. Bakhth Khan
C. Sher Khan
D. Azam Khan