1011. Indus civilization developed around ______.

A. 2800 BC
B. 2900 BC
C. 3000 BC *
D. 3100 BC

1012. The indus valley civilization flourished in the prehistoric indo-pakistan .Excavations at Harappa began in _____.

A. 1920
B 1921 *
C. 1922
D. 1923

1013. Who was behind the first Harappa excavations ?

A. R.B Dayaram Sahni *
B. M.S Vats
C. R.D Baneryee
D. A.B Cook

1014. Who supported excavations at Mohenjodaro?

A. Daya Ram
B. M.S. Vats
C. R.D. Banerjee *
D. Sir Alexandar

1015. Harappa is located in which district ?

A. Sahiwal *
B. Karachi
C. Larkana
D. Multan

1016. Mohenjadaro is located in Which district ?

A. Hyderabad
B. Larkana *
C. Multan
D. Sahiwal

1017. The word Mohenjadaro in sindhi language means_____.

A. Mound of Dead *
B. The place of Playing
C. The place of civilization
D. The place of living

1018. The Harappa towns and cities were divided into which type of blocks?

A. Square
B. Circular
C. Rectangular *
D. Semi-Rectangular

1019. The citizens of Harappa used weapons which were made of ______.

A. Silver,Bronze,Wood
B. Gold,Wood, Copper
C. Wood,Stone, Silver
D. Stone,Bronze,Copper *

1020. The people of indus valley civilization used which metal extensively?

A. Silver
B. Iron
C. Platinum
D. Bronze *