471. What is the Total Height of K-2 Peak ?
A. 8210 meter
B. 8410 meter
C. 8611 meter
D. 8511 meter

472. “The place where heaven and earth meet” these words are said about which place ?
A. Chitral
B. Kalash
C. Punial
D. Swat

473. Which is the highest peak of the koh-e-Sufaid Range ?
A. Sakasar
B. Skaram
C. Broad Peak
D. Nanga Parbat

474. The Hindu kush range starts at the ?
A. China Border
B. Pamir Platean
C. Afghan border
D. Karakoram

475. The direction of Hindukush is from ?
A. North-West
B. South-West
C. North-East
D. North-South

476. What is the average height of Koh-e Sufaid?
A. 3200 meters
B. 3500 meters
C. 3000 meters
D. 5560 metes

477. What is the maximum height of Kirthar Range ?
A. 2150 meters
B. 2500 meters
C. 2375 meters
D. 2275 meters

478. What is the average height of Takhat-e-Sulaiman peak ?
A. 3200 meters
B. 3500 meters
C. 3300 meters
D. 3310 meters

479. What is the height of Sakasar peak ?
A. 1600 meters
B. 1500 meters
C. 1680 meters
D. 1700 meters

480. What is the average height of salt range ?
A. 675 meters
B. 700 meters
C. 640 meters
D. 590 meters

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