1171. In which meeting of the Muslim league, the women fully participated for the first time?

A. Annual meeting of 1938 *
B. Annual meeting of 1939
C. Annual meeting of 1940
D. Annual meeting of 1941

1172. From where Allama Iqbal got the degeree of PHD?

A. Oxford University
B. Munich University Germany *
C. Cambridge University
D. Lincoln Inn, UK

1173. When Allam Iqbal became the member of Punjab Council?

A. 1922
B. 1924
C. 1926 *
D. 1927

1174. When Quaid-i-azam was elected by Bombay muslims to the newly constitued imperial legislative council?

A. 1900
B. 1905
C. 1910 *
D. 1915

1175. ” Few people significantly alter the course of history, and even fewer alter the world map. A nation-state can hardly be credited to anyone. All three were carried out by Mohammad Ali Jinnah. “Who said these things about Quaid-i-Azam?

A. Warren Hastings
B. Stanley Wolpert *
C. Canning Johns
D. Elbert Goach

1176. The word” Dyarchy” is a compound of Di and Archia .What are its meanings .

A. Two & rulers
B. Two & rule *
C. Two & role
D. None

1177. How many muslims martyred in Ghazwa-e-Badr?

A. 10
B. 12
C. 14 *
D. 16

1178. Which of the wives of the Holy prophet PBUH gained the title of the “Mother of the poor”.

A. Hazrat Khadija RA
B. Hazrat Maimoona RA
C. Hazrat Zainab Bint Khuzaymah RA *
D. Hazrat Ayesha RA

1179. Who is called as ” Muslim Alexandar”.

A. Khalid Bin waleed
B. Uqba bin Nafah *
C. Said Bin abi Waqas
D. Amr Bin ALA’S

1180. What do you understand by ” Choreography”?

A. The study of universe
B. The study of secret writing
C. Techniques used in space travelling
D. The steps and movements in dances *