1451. Ras Koh is situated in :

A. Balochistan plateau *
B. Indus plain
C. Karakoram
D. Kirthar Range

1452. The chaghi Hills are located :

A. At china border
B. Near Quetta *
C. Near Sibi
D. Pak afghan border

1453. The indus plain covers an area of about :

A. 203,000 Square miles
B. 200,000 Square miles *
C. 206,000 Square miles
D. 205,000 Square miles

1454. The five tributaries of the indus river in punjab are Jhelum, Chenab, Beas, Sutlej and :

A. Ravi *
B. Ganga
C. Jamna
D. All of these

1455. Doab Means ?

A. Land situated between rivers and mountains
B. Land situated between two rivers *
C. Land situated between two regions
D. None of them

1456. The second name of Karakoram highway is :

A. Kaghan Road
B. Silk Route *
C. China Road
D. None of them

1457. The land between the Ravi and the Old course of the Beas is called :

A. Ganji Bar *
B. Nili Bar
C. Chaj Bar
D. None of them

1458. The longest glacier outside the polar region is :

A. Batura glacier *
B. Baltora glacier
C. Siachen glacier
D. None of them

1459. Identify the latitude of pakistan ?

A. 23.3 Degree to 36.45 Degree North *
B. 24.5 Degree to 36.55 Degree North
C. 25.8 Degree to 34.41 Degree North
D. None of them

1460. Identify the longitude of pakistan ?

A. 62 Degree to 77.5 Degree East
B. 61 Degree to 75.5 Degree East *
C. 63 Degree to 75.6 Degree East
D. None of them