241. How many prisons are in Punjab?
A. 31
B. 32
C. 40
D. None of these

242. When Was Air Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam Born?
A. 6th July 1935
B. 6th June 1936
C. 6th May 1936
D. 6th March 1936

243. Poet Shah Abdul Kareem Bulriwaro was born in___________?
A. UmerKot
B. Sanghar
C. Matiari
D. Sukkur

244. During Kalhora regime the__________ was official language of Sindh.
A. Arabic
B. Persian
C. Urdu
D. Sindhi

245. Dr. Nabi Bux Blouch has regarded Kalhora era as __________.
A. Golden era of literature
B. Dark era of literature
C. Beginning era of Literature
D. Successful era of literature

246. Mia Sahib Dino Farooqui was the renowned sindhi poet of __________?
A. Ghazal
B. Bait
C. Geet
D. Kaafi

247. Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi an Islamic scholar lived during ________ regime.
A. Kalhora
B. Soomra
C. Sama
D. Arghoon

248. The only National Election held on non party basis were in ?
A. 1977
B. 1985
C. 1988
D. 1990

249. Who is called father of modern Sindhi prose ?
A. Shamsul Ulema Mirza Qaleech
B. Dr Nabi Bux Baloch
C. Dr Allana
D. None of these

250. On 9th July, 1950, Pakistan became the member of_________?
B. World Bank
C. Paris club
D. None of these