Academic Task provides  MCQs about Pakistan Studies from Basic to Advance, so that you can prepare accordingly. Here we cover an important topic related to Pak Studies MCQs for the Preparation of Competitive exam and test (PPSC Test, FPSC Test, SPSC Test, KPPSC Test, BPSC Test, Etea Test). Here you will find solved MCQs of Pakistan Studies with detailed explanations. Pak study MCQs include Basic Pak Study MCQs, Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs, General Information of Pakistan, History of Pakistan MCQs,  Land & Climate MCQs,  Natural Resources MCQs, History of Pakistan Movements, Social Studies MCQs, etc.

Pakistan Studies MCQS for Test Preparation

1Pakistan Current Affairs10 Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah
2Pakistan General Knowledge11ICT FATA AND AJK
3Pakistan History12Sindh
4Defence & Armed Forces13Punjab
5IMP Days of Pakistan14Balochistan
6Mountains and Glaciers15Gilgit Baltistan
7Natural Resources16Land & Climate
8Culture of Pakistan17Education in Pakistan
9Industrial Development18Miscellanious

41. Where the biggest Salt Mine located in Pakistan ?

A. Mangora
B. Jhelum
C. Sawat
D. none of these

42. The longest river in Pakistan is ?

A. River Ravi
B. River Sindh
C. River Cheenab
D. River Jehlum

43. Which is the national flower of Pakistan ?

A. Lilly
B. Rose
C. Jasmine
D. Tulip

44. Which is the national bird of Pakistan ?

A. Markhor
B. Parrot
C. Pigeon
D. Chakor

45. how many articles are there in 1973 constitution?

A. 220 Articles
B. 240 Articles
C. 260 Articles
D. 280 Articles

46. in constitution 1973 who were declared none Muslims?

A. Qadiyanis
B. Hindus
C. Christians
D. Jews

47. When did Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim league?

A. 1939
B. 1927
C. 1947
D. 1949

48. Pakistan’s National Flag was prepared by__________?

A. Abdur-rehaman Chugtai
B. Liaqat Ali
C. Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
D. Ameer-ud-din Qadwai

49. Pakistan’s standard time was suggested by

A. Liaqat Ali
B. Maulana Mazhar-ud-din
C. Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
D. Proffessor Muhammad Anwar

50. Pakistan’s first coin was issued on

A. 3rd june 1948
B. 6th june 1949
C. 3rd January 1948
D. none of these