311. The area between rivers Jhelum and Chenab is called?
A. Gandhara
B. Chaj
C. Taxila
D. Harrapa

312. The largest Railway workshop Mughalpura is situated in?
A. Gujranwala
B. Multan
C. Karachi
D. Lahore

313. The ruins of Harrapa are situated in district?
A. Multan
B. Okara
C. Lahore
D. Sahiwal

314. Abdul Rehman Chughtai was attached with the art of?
A. Construction
B. Music
C. Painting
D. None of them

315. Which is the sixth most populated country of the world?
A. India
B. Iran
C. Pakistan
D. None of them

316. Thal desert is located in?
A. Sindh
B. Gilgit
D. Punjab

317. The founder of All India Muslim League Nawab Salimullah Khan belonged to?
A. Madras
B. Karachi
C. Dhaka
D. Delhi

318. Who is the first Punjab poet?
A. Baba Farid
B. Shah Hussain
C. Bullhay Shah
D. None of them

319. Who was the hero of Pak India 1965 war
A. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti
B. Major Tufail
C. Lalik Jan
D. Mulla Faqir

320. The name of poet whose collection of poetry is called “Shah jo Risalu”?
A. Khushal Khan Khattak
B. Waris Shah
C. Makhdum Muhammad Hashim
D. Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai

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