1091. In Rawar Fort Dahir’s wife fled with How many troops?

A. 12,000
B. 13,000
C. 14,000
D. 15,000 *

1092. Which son of Dahir Embraced islam?

A. Kaka singh
B. Jay Singh *
C. Vijay Singh
D. Amar Singh

1093. Which new city was estabished by Qasim?

A. Mumbai
B. Delhi
C. Mansoora *
D. Qasim Pur

1094. Sea Sakar was established By Qasim?

A. Raja Dahir *
B. Raja Chandra
C. Raja Jae Singh
D. Raja Porass

1095. Which Caliph Called Muhammad Bin qasim Back from sub-Continent?

A. Saleem-Bin-Abdul-Malik
B. Raheem-Bin-Abdul-Malik
C. Rehan-Bin-Abdul-Malik
D. Suleman-Bin-Abdul-Malik *

1096. Who was appointed as the governor of sindh after Muhammad Bin qasim?

A. Tariq Bin zyad
B. Sulaiman
C. Yazid Bin Muhallab *
D. Abdullah

1097. Which province of Pakistan is called Babu-ul-Islam?

A. Sindh *
B. Punjab
C. Balochistan
D. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

1098. For How many years the Arabs ruled over sindh ?

A. 281
B. 282 *
C. 283
D. 284

1099. First Islamic Mosque was constructed in sub-Continent in ____.

A. Bhombhore *
B. Mansoora
C. Multan
D. Karachi

1100. Muhammad Bin qasim’s attach on sindh was the ____.

A. First attack on subcontinent by Muslims
B. Second attack on subcontinent by Muslims
C. Third attack on subcontinent by Muslims *
D. Forth attack on subcontinent by Muslims.