921. Mother tongue of Quaid-e-Azam was ____________?
A. Sindhi
B. Baluchi
C. Punjabi
D. Gujrati
E. Urdu

922. When Baluchistan state became a part of the West Pakistan?
A. 14 Oct 1955
B. 14 Nov 1955
C. 14 Dec 1956
D. 14 jan 1957

923. Mother of Dina Wadia was _________?
A. Emibai
B. Ratan bai
C. Sakshi bai
D. None

924. Swat Valley is situated in the mountain range of___________?
A. Hindukush
B. Karakorum
C. Himalayas
D. None of the above

925. Who supported Pan-islamism is the sub continent?
A. Syed Ameer Ali
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Liaqat Ali Khan
D. None of them

926. According to the latest WHO 2015 Report, What is the average age of Pakistan?
A. 45.2
B. 50.4
C. 55.3
D. 66.4

927. Who was the CM of Balochistan having shortest time in Office?
A. Sardar Attaullah Mengal.
B. Aslam Raisani
C. Abdul Qadoos Bazenjo
D. Zulfiqar Magsi

928. Name the Powerful Country which offered help to the Pakistan Army before surrendering in Dhaka during 1971 war?
A. United kingdom
B. United States
C. France
D. Russia

929. the faiz mehal is located in__________?
A. sahiwal
B. Multan
C. khairpur
D. sukker

930. The Sindh assembly was the first British Indian legislature to pass the resolution in favour of Pakistan , who moved the resolution
A. G.M Syed
B. Ubaid-Ullah sindhi
C. Ghulam Hussain Hadyatullah
D. Quaid e Azam Himself