1041. Who promoted Budhism?

A. Gupta
B. Paha
C. Ashoka *
D. Saka

1042. Who built buddhist shrines in the sub-continent?

A. Ashoka *
B. Maurya
C. Gupta
D. Shunga

1043. In 185 BC Bacrian Greeks arrived in Which city?

A. Taxial
B. Gandahara *
C. Harappa
D. Mohenjodaro

1044. Bactrian Greeks built new cities at pushka-lavati and ________.

A. Taxila *
B. Lahore
C. Harappa
D. Mohenjodaro

1045. Who invaded the Gandahara region in 75 BC?

A. Ashoka
B. Gupta
C. Seythians *
D. Bactrian Greeks

1046. Scythians came from _________.

A. East Asia
B. West Asia
C. North Asia
D. Central Asia *

1047. Who overpowered the Scythians?

A. Bactrian Greeks *
B. Parthians
C. Chandragupta
D. Shunga

1048. When Parthians overpowered Scythians?

A. 19 AD
B. 20 AD *
C. 21 AD
D. 22 AD

1049. When Kushans came to sub-continent?

A. 60 AD *
B. 61 AD
C. 62 AD
D. 63 AD

1050. Which city was summer capital of Kushans?

A. Peshawar
B. Harappa
C. Qandahar
D. Kabul *