781. The most precious gemstone “Emerald” are found in______?
A. Gilgit
B. Hunza
C. Swat
D. Dir

782. The archaeological site “Kot Diji” is located near the city of______________?
A. Larkana
B. Thatta
C. Khairpur
D. Badin

783. The Soan and the Haro are the two rivers of _______________?
A. Baluchistan Plateau
B. Azad Kashmir
C. Northern areas
D. Potohar Plateau

784. “Khyber Pass” is located in______________?
A. Karakorum range
B. Himalyas range
C. Hindukush range
D. Sulaiman range

785. ARY News is a Pakistani news channel launched on__________?
A. 2002
B. 2004
C. 2007
D. 1999

786. Narendra Modi is the_________________ prime minister of India (excluding Acting PMs).
A. 13th
B. 14th
C. 15th
D. 16th

787. Zakir Hussain was the______________ president of India.
A. 2nd
B. Third
C. fourth
D. fifth

788. The foundation stone of the Sikhism’s holiest place “Golden Temple” at Amritsar was laid by_________?
A. Guru Nanak
B. Bal dev Singh
C. Hari dev Singh
D. Hazrat Mian Mir

789. The Quit India Movement was launched in in the month of___________?
A. March
B. June
C. August
D. October

790. In violation of the Salt Laws, Gandhiji started a movement called______________?
A. Non-Cooperation movement
B. Civil disobedience movement
C. Swadeshi Movement
D. none of them