461. How many peaks above 8,000 meters are found in Pakistan ?
A. 7
B. 5
C. 9
D. 3

462. The length of Siachen Glacier is ___________ ?
A. 60km
B. 76km
C. 50km
D. 80km

463. The length of Baltur Glacier is ____________ ?
A. 58km
B. 62km
C. 65km
D. 70km

464. Baltura Glacier is located in _____________ ?
A. Punjab
B. Gilgit Baltistan
C. Sindh

465. What is the height of Siachin Glacier
A. 20,000 feet
B. 23,000 feet
C. 25,000 feet
D. 27,000 feet

466. Identify the second highest Glacier of the world ?
A. Baltora Glacier
B. Batura Glacier
C. Siachin Glacier
D. None of them

467. What is the Height of Tirichmir peak ?
A. 7708 meters
B. 7350 meters
C. 7870 meters
D. 7140 meters

468. The Salt range is situated between rivers soan and _____________?
A. Chenab
B. Jhelum
C. Kabul
D. Huro

469. The height of Himalaya range increases as it moves from ?
A. South to North
B. East to West
C. North to South
D. West to East

470. Which of the following mountain peaks is called Killer Mountain ?
A. Nanga Parbat
B. Godwin Austin
C. Broad Peak
D. Raka Poshi