1101. In october 1905 partition of Bengal was for_______.

A. Administrative convenience *
B. Hindu Muslim riots
C. Muslim Benefit
D. Local Elections

1102. Simal Deputation of 1905 got accepted the important demand of _______.

A. Separate muslim state
B. Separate electoral for muslims *
C. Revival of Muslim state Empire
D. Quit India

1103. The Annulment of the partition of bengal was made under ______.

A. Muslim demand
B. Sikh Demand
C. Hindu Pressure *
D. Judicial order

1104. All india muslim leagues was formed on december 30.

A. 1905
B. 1906 *
C. 1907
D. 1908

1105. One of the early objectives of All india muslim league was ______.

A. Freedom
B. Muslim Supremacy
C. Tax exemption
D. Loyalty to British Govt *

1106. Minto-Morley reform’s very important context was introduction of _______.

A. Separate electorate *
B. Presidential election
C. Local Bodies election
D. party less elections

1107. One of the main character of ” Silk letter conspiracy” was _____.

A. Ismael Sahaheed
B. Ubaid-ullah Sindh *
C. Hakeem Ajmal Khan
D. Inayat-ullah Mashrqi

1108. The main culprit of Jallianwala bagh tragedy was general_______.

A. Kaufmann
B. Dyer *
C. Erich Ludendorff
D. John Monash

1109. Montagu-Chelmsford reforms introduced a system called _______.

A. Monarchy
B. Theocracy
C. Aristocracy
D. Dyarchy *

1110. Sir Muhammad Iqbal was presided over the muslim leagues annual session at Allahabad in_______.

A. 1930 *
B. 1931
C. 1932
D. 1933