1211. The local bodies government system was introduced in subcontinent in :

A. 1880
B. 1886
C. 1881
D. 1884 *

1212. Which of the followingis the largest province of pakistan ?

A. Balochistan *
B. Punjab
D. Sindh

1213. Mr. Jogindar Nath Mandal , first minority minister in pakistan had held the portfolio of :

A. Law *
B. Finance
C. Education
D. Health

1214. Who was the president of Genearl assembly of united nations during 1962-1963?

A. General Ayub
B. Sir Agha Khan
C. Sir Zafrullah Khan *
D. None of these

1215. Headquarters National accountability Bureau (NAB) is at :

A. Islamabad, Pakistan *
B. Quetta, Pakistan
C. Lahore, Punjab
D. None of these

1216. The Natitonal accountability Bureau was established by General parvex Musharraf on :

A. November 16, 1999
B. November 17, 1999 *
C. November 18, 1999
D. November 19, 1999

1217. When Radclif award was announced ?

A. June 14, 1946
B. April 14, 1947
C. August 17, 1947 *
D. July 10, 1948

1218. During the british rule the only british king to visit india and hold his magnificent durbar, Was :

A. Edwar VII
B. George V *
C. James II
D. Edward VI

1219. Ranjit Singh was born at :

A. Lahore
B. Gujranwala *
C. Sirhind
D. Talawandi Sahib

1220. Who decided to from a new society called “Brahmo Samaj”?

A. Ishwar chandra vidyasagar
B. Natwarlal Singh
C. Dominic Le pierre
D. Raja Rammohun Roy